Locating properties in Israel

איתור נכסים בארץ ובחו"ל

If you suspect that a certain person with whom you have a business or personal relationship has assets that he is trying to hide from you in Israel – a local private investigator specializing in the field will be able to help and to clear the suspected issue.

Locating assets during divorce

If you intend to start a divorce process and want to be sure that your ex-partner is not hiding anything from you, now is the time to contact a private investigator in Israel.

Are there any assets they own that could affect your financial situation after a divorce? And what about an ex-partner who maintains an additional bank account under the surface?

With the help of proper detective work, we will be able to detect various attempts and actions aim to smuggle assets and money and attempts to hide them.

Locating assets before closing a dear

If you intend to enter into a business partnership with a certain person and you want to be sure that you get your legal share of all the assets he has – a financial investigation for the purpose of locating may well work in your favor.

Our office provides a complete investigation to create a profile for the person with whom you intend to conduct business. Contact us for advice on the matter.

Locating assets before distribution of inheritance

Wills and inheritances can lead to quite a few disputes to say the least. If a certain person has passed away and for a certain reason you want to be sure that you get your legal share of all the assets he had – an investigation to find different types of assets may be the right solution.

Locating debtor’s assets

Does a person who owes you money got your intention and you suspect that he may have assets or money in which he could pay off his debt? 

With the help of a comprehensive investigation, we can get to the root of the truth and reveal whether that person is indeed in financial trouble, or whether he managed to put on a cover that deceives his creditors.

In light of our expertise in locating assets of debtors, our office provides its services, among others, for law firms in the fields of family, insurance, tort and more.

Locating property owners

Sometimes the big question is not where the property is and what properties are in a person’s hands, but who the person is who owns the property.

We have the experience and expertise to reveal the identity of the property.

It’s time to reveal the truth

There are other cases in which it is worthwhile to employ a private investigator for the purpose of locating properties and data on the properties in Israel.

We have a high-quality human resources, advanced technological equipment and a number of different professionals who assist us in complex investigations.

If you have encountered one of the situations mentioned above or additional scenarios such as an inspection before signing financial agreements, real estate transactions or fear of such and other scams, contact us today.

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