Commercial and Economic Investigations in Israel

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Looking for an experienced investigator for economic, business, and commercial investigations? Lior Eizinger Investigation Agency has been active for over 20 years, bringing extensive experience in conducting complex economic investigations.

Our office employs skilled and experienced private investigators for cracking hundreds of cases regarding economic capabilities and economic background checks for private individuals and commercial entities, as well as renowned external consultants in business consulting, tax advice, accounting, law, and more.

What do we achieve from a business economic investigation?

A commercial economic investigation may be required in a wide variety of cases:

Checking a business partner / person you are engaging with

It’s enough to occasionally watch the news to realize that swindlers are not in short supply.

Business partners, suppliers, and the like, everyone whom you as entrepreneurs, business owners, or businesspeople engage with. If they trigger red flags or evoke a negative gut feeling, it is time to verify the validity of the suspicions.

Such an economic investigation includes:

  • Checking the business history of the entity
  • Verifying the legitimacy of the business operations
  • Examining the business’s sources of income
  • Scrutinizing expenses
  • Checking for hidden economic interests

At the end of the commercial economic investigation, a detailed report will be presented, which, if the suspicions are correct, will include definitive and unequivocal evidence.

Investigating an employee suspected of theft

Such investigations can mainly arise from the following scenarios:

  • Suspicion of money theft
  • Suspicion of property theft
  • Suspicion of stealing and selling information
  • Suspicion of stealing clients

Depending on the circumstances, we will decide on two possible techniques: conducting an overt or covert investigation.

An overt investigation can put pressure on the misbehaving employee, causing them to make critical mistakes that bring the needed evidence. Often, a direct investigation of the employee is enough to break them and make them confess.

A covert investigation is conducted in cases of complex embezzlement that require evidence collection, or when dealing with a stoic employee who is not eager to confess the truth.

In such cases, surveillance will be conducted, and all necessary means will be used as part of a comprehensive private investigation.

Economic industrial espionage

Commercial economic investigations in such cases are mainly requested by various bodies, organizations, and institutions.

Two notable examples of such investigations

Examining economic-financial activity

checking the legitimacy of a company’s activities, expenses, and incomes, assets, and holdings. It is important to note that industrial espionage does not allow for information to be obtained illegally. Everything is done within the framework of the law, and in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Justice.

Checking the activities of companies

an example of this is an investigation we were asked to conduct. A well-known company in Israel raised suspicions from government offices in charge of it. In the investigation, we were asked to prove that the company was collaborating with a parallel company, actually contradicting the regulations requiring healthy competition. In the investigation, we posed as a company needing this company’s services, and we managed to prove illegal activity through documentation and the collection of decisive evidence.

Consult with us about a commercial economic investigation

Commercial economic investigations are considered complex investigations that sometimes require time.

As professional private investigators, it is our duty to tell you when an investigation will be beneficial or not necessarily beneficial to you.

During the consultation call, we will understand the complexity of the case, the existing suspicions, the involved parties, and the background.

If everything appears legitimate and correct for conducting a private investigation, we will finalize the administrative details and immediately proceed with the work.

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