Business investigations

Our firm accompany business clients in any scope of activity and complexity.

Our investigation office in Israel consist of higly skilled team of investigators who bring with them proficiency in financial matters, background checks, economic investigations and based evidence.

The firm cooperate with professional personals with a vast of skills and required field of knowledge (such as business investigations for government bodies, high-tech investigations, cyber to financial aspects).

What is a business investigation?

Gathering information about companies and organizations either for the benefit of learning from competitors, or for the benefit of receiving real information about their financial situation, in order to know if it is safe to do economic business with them.

Lior Investigations office is an investigation form licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Israel specializing in business and economic investigations.

Our team of investigators is highly skilled in performing surveillance in Israel, collect documents and trace business operations, and can give you a detailed reports.

Aspect A: The competitive market

 and new businesses, both large and small, all face an intensive competition in the business market field, one that only becomes more complex and dynamic over time.

With an extensive set of aspects that need to be taken into account at all times in order to formulate a correct business strategy, investigations for businesses are meant to provide reliable business intelligence, such that will allow the decision makers to formulate the right steps.

Lior Eisinger Investigations Office operates a team of skilled private investigators capable of being required for any type of investigation.

Our firm have over 20 years of experience in conducting investigations on economic and financial issues, familiarity with intra-organizational processes and economic aspects essential to the development of the investigation and finding quality intelligence regarding the steps of the subversives.

Aspect B: Did suspicions arise regarding the partnership?

Business intelligence is not intended solely for understanding the actions of our competitors. For the sake of healthy partnerships whose purpose is to provide economic development for both parties, in some cases, our goal is to clear suspicions or concerns arise regarding the financial status of the corresponding party.

Many cases in our office deal with carrying out comprehensive checks before signing a business partnership. With the help of professional set of tools, tracking and compiling information that is sometimes available to us and hiding right under our noses, it is possible to gather important insights regarding the financial situation of a partner or company.

In some cases, companies even try to trick their partners and “slip” under the radar transactions that caused them financial damages. With the help of an intensive financial investigation and the performance of proper investigative work, it is possible to provide conclusive evidence that confirms or refutes the attributed suspicions.

The starting point

On the initial phone call, we will ask for general details that will allow us to further understand the basic complexity of the case.

Is the investigation being carried out only within the borders of Israel, or is there any need for an international investigation on a company that also operates overseas / a company that is active only in foreign countries.

At the end of the conversation, we will ask to set a date for a meeting and guide you in fully preparing the information we will need to get started.

Absolute discretion

Investigations of this type are highly sensitive.

If such an activity is discovered by the other party, then this may lead to a complete disruption of the deal or the partnership that is forged.

Our office is committed to absolute discretion. both during the initial meeting and throughout the process required to carry out the investigation in practice.k

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