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Lior Eisinger Investigations Office with years of expertise on behalf of businesses from the private to the public sector, and provides important intelligence information on the conduct of companies and their activities.

Our success combined with series of experts for professional investigations who are able to collect visible and hidden information, analyze it and provide comprehensive reports for the purpose of industrial espionage and competitor research.

The difference between a business intelligence company and a business intelligence investigation office

Our office offers unique boutique services that allow for personal service and immediate resource routing for the needs of a comprehensive investigation.

We have the technological means and elite human resource which helps us achieve high success rates for companies from a wide range of fields, including Government Offices who wish to monitor leading companies known in every household in Israel.

Our office is active and carries out fruitful collaborations with various intelligence agencies that allow us to provide a professional and worldwide service.

Here in Lior Eisinger Investigations Office we provide both local and international investigative services. Our office services available for complex projects that require investigative strategy and creating ‘traps’ that will lead us to the truth.

The importance of business intelligence

Quality business intelligence helps managers and business owners to make informed business decisions, and to take strategic moves based on the correct understanding of the competitive business field.

In an era where even large and leading companies can enter processes of stagnation, industrial espionage by a business intelligence company or an investigative agency specializing in this subject, can make all the difference.

From the perspective of investigation office, we offer 2 services for your choice:

Exposing industrial espionage in your company

Do you suspect that sensitive information is leaking from the company? Do you feel that your competing businesses are always ahead of you? Our office provides intra-organizational investigation services for the purpose of finding sources of leakage that harm your business.

Even if you have even the slightest suspicion about this subject, we are available for an initial consultation. It should be noted that our office does not take any investigation, and if we feel that the suspicion that arose in you is unreasonable, we will say so immediately.

Industrial Espionage

Similar to other business intelligence companies in the market, our firm also harnesses its skills and abilities accumulated over 20 years of activity, and provides business espionage services to companies from small organizations to huge corporations. Investigations are carried out in Israel and abroad, with the help of high-quality human capital and professional technological equipment.

How is the process carried out?

When you arrive to receive advice from a business intelligence company or an investigation firm specializing in the field, the first and most important step that will be taken will be an investigation and familiarization with the industry in question. Our office has experts from a wide range of businesses, and contacts that allow us to manage and carry out complex investigations up to advanced technological issues.

With a wide variety of tools, applications and methodologies, we can collect data through internal systems and external sources – all subject to the laws of the State of Israel and in accordance with the available information. Step by step, we analyze the information, activate field agents and produce comprehensive reports that match the client’s requirements.

If we approach the beginning of the process, everything starts with a cup of coffee with us where we receive all the information and literally – get to work.

Why us?

Lior Eisinger, a private investigator with twenty years of experience. From daily investigations such as cheating, to financial investigations and investigations into the reliability of leading companies in the market.

We offer a personal and effective business intelligence investigation service based on routing resources directly to our clients’ needs and without delay.

All of this is not possible without a skilled team of researchers that we have formed over the years, the ability to think outside the box in every investigation and pursuit of the goal without compromise.

In your search for business intelligence companies, our office will be happy to be at your service and provide a comprehensive and professional answer. For any question and consultation with the Business Intelligence Investigation Office, we invite you to leave us a contact on the website or contact us directly by phone

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