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There have been cases in the past, and if you suspect that someone sharing property or income with you is hiding something at your expense, it is advisable to hire private investigation services as soon as possible.

Hiding assets can be done through a wide range of different methods, some more creative and some well-known, which can even make it easier for us to get to the root of the truth relatively quickly.


Investigation of Asset Smuggling and Hiding Before discussing asset smuggling or the methods by which some people smuggle and hide assets, it is important to understand why hiding property is so common.

Divorce Proceedings

This is undoubtedly the most common case where suspicion arises (and often justifies itself) that a spouse is hiding assets from the other side. The goal is to reduce the extent of asset division during the divorce process. Lior Eizinger Investigation Office provides and specializes in investigation services for divorce.

Protected Tenancy

Another relatively widespread case is the hiding of real estate assets when a person seeks to enjoy certain benefits for those who do not own any property. This case is common when children and grandchildren of elderly people living under protected tenancy rights make great efforts to prove they deserve to continue enjoying the benefits of their parents or grandparents. For more information about protected tenancy, click here.


Another case is when people seeking to initiate insolvency proceedings hide their assets, which they could use to pay off their debts.

Business Partnership

This is a less common case, but we have encountered it here and there. When a business partner hides his interest, he decides to smuggle and completely ‘disappear’ his assets.

Methods of Asset Smuggling

We will refer to the more common case: asset smuggling between divorcing spouses.

Not infrequently, family lawyers contact us (see investigation services for lawyers) when they suspect their client is being deceived, quite literally.

When divorce proceedings take a negative turn, various fraudulent actions can definitely come into play. The methods of hiding assets can be quite creative.

Example A:

A couple with children whose relationship has hit the rocks. Surprisingly, they decided to end the relationship amicably, but suddenly, the husband presented a false image that his company hadn’t made a profit in the last decade. The wife was surprised since they lived in central Israel, in a prestigious area, and despite being a housewife, their standard of living was quite high.

An approach to our investigation office revealed that the husband had purchased various assets and transferred them under his children’s names. Our initial goal was to investigate his income, which turned out to be mostly undeclared, but lo and behold – these assets were hidden from her, and even his children didn’t know what they had signed.

Example B:

A successful businessman started divorce proceedings from his wife. Here too, suspicion arose about what happened to certain assets and funds. It turned out that this businessman had registered some of his assets in the name of his brother, who suffers from severe mental retardation.

Our clients wondered why we wanted to investigate the brother who suffers from mental retardation, and here you have a rather creative way to hide an asset with the most innocent person.

How Do We Approach Property Hiding Investigations?

It is essentially a type of financial investigation whose purpose is to survey and reveal all the income and assets of the object under surveillance.

Financial investigations are a very common type of investigation, and they include conducting physical surveillance to identify suspicious behavior and the use of assets that raise red flags, significant paperwork in various archives and financial documents, and even interviewing the object through various means.

It is important to note: all the work done by the team of investigators at Lior Eizinger Investigation Services complies with the laws of the State of Israel.

We will start the investigation by listening to your side of the story and understanding the general picture. From there, we will take the reins and begin an intensive investigation until the truth is found.

Our service includes providing conclusive and admissible evidence in court. If necessary, our private investigator will come to testify.

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